Daphne is Working to Reform the Criminal Justice System

Daphne Robinson Mountain TopDaphne served as a prosecutor for almost twenty years in Louisiana.  During that time, Daphne prosecuted  hundreds of criminal cases.  Over the years, she began to notice a disturbing common denominator.  Many of the offenders suffered from substance abuse and mental health issues, and because of this often entered the revolving door of the criminal justice system and could not easily exit.

After years of observation, Daphne concluded that the criminal justice system is ill-equipped to deal with issues facing many of the offenders in criminal court.  Quite frankly, she decided that incarcerating these offenders often did more harm than good.  It was then that she decided that preventing crime was a public health issue and began devoting her life to studying and creating evidence-based programs and strategies to achieve this end.  Many of her early contributions to research on effective alternatives to prosecution and incarceration can be found at: http://modelsforchange.com.